The advent of Internet technology in the mid-90s brought a major transformation in the world. Mobile application sector that have seen phenomenal growth due the technological advancements. The industry today requires professionals who have specialised knowledge in these areas. The M.SC-IT programme with Mobile Application as specialisation offered by Gujarat University is designed to meet the knowledge and skill requirement of the industry.

M.Sc-IT programme ensures that the students are trained in core areas of computer science with specialized focus on mobile technology. The programme comprises of vital subjects and practical tabs which can help students be successful.

  • Gain basic knowledge of C programming, Java programming and device architecture fundamentals
  • Gain exposure to cross platform development, HTML5, CSS3
  • Learn in depth about mobile app development for various platforms.

Course Detail

Semester 1

  • Mobile Architecture and App Development
  • Introduction to Web Technology
  • Mobile Ecosystem, Business Analysis and Models
  • Introduction to Security in Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Application – Lab
  • Web Technology- Lab

Semester 4

  • Internship Project

Semester 2

  • Basic Android Programming
  • Basic iPhone Application Development
  • Cross Platform Application Development
  • Basic Android Programming- Lab
  • Basic iPhone Application Development- Lab
  • Advanced Web Technology- Lab

Semester 3

  • Advanced Android Programming
  • Advanced iPhone Application Development
  • Advanced Android Programming- Lab
  • Advanced iPhone Application Development- Lab
  • Enterprise Application Development- Lab
  • Advanced Web Technology-II – Lab