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Masters in Game Design & Development

  /  Masters in Game Design & Development

Game Design and Development (2 Years Master Program)

Build a career in Gaming Industry with the most comprehensive master’s degree program in Game Designing &Development.

M.Sc. IT Game Designing & Development is a four semester programme designed for graduate students that helps learners build design and coding skills required to advance their career as a Game Designer or Game Developer.

The curriculum covers areas that prepare you for most lucrative careers in the space of Game Designer, Level Designer and Game Developer. It helps learners master critical skills such as Character modelling, Game Coding, Character animation, FX & Simulation and Storytelling.


  • Evolution of Games
  • Art of Story development
  • Art of Gaming Characters
  • Game Engines
  • Creative skill of Rigging
  • 3DPainng
  • Programming language
  • Weapon design and development
  • Moon Arts  Game Language
  • Music and Sound  Creation
  • Vehicle Design and development
  • Art of Environment studies and developments
  • Advance programminglanguage
  • Game Creation
  • Virtual Reality