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(B.Sc. + M.Sc.) IT FinTech(IT in Finance)

  /  (B.Sc. + M.Sc.) IT FinTech(IT in Finance)

FinTech – 5 Years Integrated (B.Sc + M.Sc) IT

DO YOU wish to become FinTech Driven Web Application Developer, Artificial Intelligence based Application Developer, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Technical Analyst, Investment Bankers, Data Scientist, Stock Trading Analyst, Blockchain Developer in DeFi and DApp, Quantitative Analyst then FinTech is the right choice for you or if you wish to start your own startup – FinTech presents opportunities for entrepreneurs with innovative solutions.

Multiple Career Paths: Emerging and Hybrid Solution of Finance & Technology –5 Yrs. Integrated programs in Finance & Technologies (IT in Finance)

This 5 yrs. integrated program includes traditional finance and accounting coursework, but also provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the theories and evolution of FinTech, Fintech driven and Emerging technologies-based web application development, data-driven financial modeling, financial data mining and machine learning, financial data analytics, and new innovations in the financial sector, including AI, block chain, cloud computing, machine learning, deep learning, NLP etc.

This program is made for students to make their future ready in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Financial markets and Technologies where digital technology disruption has started based on WEB 3.0 and skilled workforce who are competent in Finance & Technology is the need of the hour.

This 5 years program include the revolutionary technology – Blockchain and Solidity.

This program develops the idea and concept of Blockchain architecture, Crypto MiningBitcoin and how it is useful in current financial services.

By end of this program Candidate can understand the concept of blockchain technology which can develop the system to receive, transfer, store, and manage money through the use of digital ledgers without going through a bank or financial service provider.

Some of the Important Technologies Covered in the Program :

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