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Masters in Smart City Design & Development

  /  Masters in Smart City Design & Development

Smart City Design & Development (2 Years Master Program)

National Smart Cities Mission is an urban renewal and retrofitting program by the Government of India with the mission to develop smart cities across the country, making them citizen friendly and sustainable. With governments pushing towards smart cites and ushering in a new era of urban planning and development, there are high expectations in terms of the job opportunities such initiatives bring. As smart cites rely heavily on the technological amalgamation of the different services and facilities being offered by the city administration, it is extremely likely that newer job roles will emerge apart from the traditional ones like: City administration, City Service in charge, Information & Technology Developer, Project management, Digital officer, Transportation In charge, Project re-engineering and Customer | resident oriented services etc.

This program will provide the concepts and ideas of smart city along with its components. After completing this program they will be able to understand various models and technologies for implementing smart city. Candidates will be able to comprehend the existing ecological, energy, accommodation, health, food, and transportation issues the cites deal with and will be able to construct an information foundation of the recent technological creativities, strategies, and guidelines being established by industry and academia that are being executed in cities and comprehend the advantage and expense exchange for these solutions. Candidates will be able to understand the citizen driven smart cites and applications of urban mobility in smart cities.


  • Smart Cities : Context , Policy & Government
  • Urban Systems & Smart City ecosystem Model
  • Urban innovation , Enterprise & smart city business model
  • Building Construction Concept & Interior Design
  • Civil Infrastructure , Design (Including CAD) & engineering
  • Project Development & Management Tools
  • IT Technologies
  • Embedded System Design
  • Digitalization of Smart Cities & e-Governance
  • Spatial Data Technology & Urban Analytics